WFSA East Region Foreshore Application Process.

1. For Club Open Competitions requesting a Garry Evans Seamaster leg, proposed dates must be directed to the East Region meeting for ratification.
Note: No club matches other then those being held in conjunction with the open will be allowed on these dates.                                
2. For club matches, dates are to be submitted directly to Steve Chadwick. 

3. With the exception of Open Competitions, more then one club can apply to fish Cardiff foreshore on the same date.

4. Competitions must not be organised in the hours of darkness.


(Note: In all cases a minimum of 30 days notice is required to enable the event to be ratified with ABP Ports)

             4. The attached application form Appendix A must be completed 
             with the relevant information and sent to  Steve Chadwick 

Click for Application Form Appendix A


Steve Chadwick’s E-mail address is as follows.

For those who wish to apply via post, Steve’s  address is as follow.

 16 Taunton Crescent Llanrumney Cardiff CF3 4EP Home Tele:02920794954. Mobile:07777689289

On receipt of the application, Steve will apply on the clubs behalf to the Port Authority with following documentation.

  • Copy of the application form that is to be used when applying to fish the foreshore .Appendix A.
  • Copy of the port plan which shows the area on the port estate where fishing is permitted (highlighted green), please note the red line where persons fishing are not permitted to go past due to heightened security regulations in that area. Appendix B.


  • Copy of the Rules and Regulations whilst fishing on the foreshore. Appendix C


  • Copy of ABP's Indemnity and Disclaimer which Steve will sign on behalf of the organising club. Appendix D.


  •  WFSA insured competition. Appendix E
  • A copy of the risk Cardiff Foreshore risk Assessment. Appendix F


When permission has been granted, Steve will send a copy of the E-mail granting permission to the organising club, along with a risk assessment and a WFSA insured competition leaflet.
On the day of the event it is the responsibility of the organising club to: 

    • Hand the confirmation E-mail to the port authority security lodge and signed copies of all the  application forms in an envelope marked for the attention of Ian Meredith.
    • Ensure each car entering the dock has a WFSA insured leaflet displayed in the car windscreen.  Appendix E.