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The information listed below is the criteria required to be met to claim a Welsh Surcasting Record.

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The Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers.

Casting Criteria
Welsh National Records

Minimum requirement

  • The ‘Club’ needs to hold the relevant Insurance to cover casting events and have a democratic constitution to ensure fair play.
  • The ‘Club’ event should be open to all members of the public able to hold a rod and reel of all genders and abilities.

The casting court can be set out in either meters or yards provided there is a minimum of three lines consisting of a non stretch material either nylon wrapping tape or steel wire (as used by the UKSF) with set measurements marked and set out appropriately.
The court will have two outer lines and a centre line which will form a fan shape generally set out with flagged markers showing distance spaced generally 180,220,240,260 using string whilst the 200 marker will be of a constant measure generally made from nylon tape that forms the court radius enabling all lines to be kept straight from the ‘oche’ which form the typical fan shape of the court.

Personal Best Casts can be measured from the nearest line to the ‘oche’ using an engineering tape in imperial or metric depending on whether the actual casting court is set out in yards or meters.

Welsh Record Claims, Provided the event is an open and conforms to all criteria set out by the WFSA, records can be set.

  • The cast must be measured by no less than 2 witness’s including the caster no less than three measurements in as straight a line as possible using an nylon engineering tape preferably 100m in length from the centre of the ‘oche’ to the point where the lead has landed in the soil. Please note a meter wheel cannot be used as it will not be accurate enough.
  • The witnessing casters should ideally be a member of the Club/organisations committee and preferably an away/travelling caster this will remove any bias in the event of discrepancy.
  • Whilst the cast has been set and the line is out a micrometer should be used every 20 meters to ensure that the line diameter matches the criteria set for the line/weight ratio as set down by the UKSF (we use this formula as a yard stick both Nationally and Internationally).
  • Line to weight ratio - .25 x 100g, .28 x 125g, .31 x 150g & .35 x 175g.
  • After measuring the cast x 3 an average can be taken giving a true account of what should be a great occasion.

Provided the criteria have been met, set by the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers and on completion of ratification by the National Executive Committee the record can be claimed.


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