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Garry Evans Seamaster Legs Opens
        Contact Steve Chadwick 02920794954/07777689289


Garry Evans Seamaster Leg Open 
Dates 2018
Contact Steve Chadwick 02920794954/07777689289




Gwent SAC

29th April

St Brides

Newport SAC

20nd May

St Brides


24th June

Cardiff Foreshore

Penarth Holiday Open

22nd July


County Stores

12th August

Llantwit Major


2nd  September


Barry Festival/Garry Evans Seamaster Final

7th October

Cold Knap & Porthkerry

Penarth SAC

18th November


East Region WFSA Open            

2nd December

Cold Knap & Porthkerry







Other date for the diary that is not a Garry Evans Seamaster Leg Contact Julian Shambrook  on 07970818345

22nd/23rd September

Anyfish Anywhere











Garry Evans South Wales Seamasters Structure & Competition Rules.



In the early 1970’s a series of Sea angling Competitions held by various clubs were developing around the South Wales coast. The South Wales Echo, through their Angling Correspondent, Ron Cousins were interested in the potential press coverage from these events, which they saw as an avenue to increase newspaper sales on a Friday.

In conjunction with the East Region WFSA who are the organising body of organised sea angling in South Wales. The South Wales Seamaster Event was created.

In recent years, the South Wales Echo withdrew sponsorship, resulting in the Vale of Glamorgan B.C. taking on limited sponsorship of the event in conjunction with the Barry Angling Festival. Due to changes in sponsorship criteria within the council support to the event is minimal. Consequently a new main sponsor, namely GARRY EVANS Fishing Tackle based in Cardiff and Newport has been negotiated.



  1. To give maximum press coverage of the Open Competition Scene in South Wales.


  1. Increase press coverage in advance of the events, with the aim of building up interest in the competitions by sea anglers. Thus benefiting the organising clubs.


Allocation of Seamaster legs:

The East Region WFSA on behalf of the Garry Evans Fishing Tackle will oversee the allocation of Seamaster legs to a maximum of 10 legs plus the final. See Appendix 1 for the current list of qualifying legs. Criteria’s listed in the allocation rules for Seamaster legs shown in Appendix 2 must be met by all applications. Single species matches are not allowed as Seamaster legs.


Points Structure:

Each qualifying leg will carry a series of points allocated to the angler who achieve the top twenty weights in the competition. I.e. 20 points for 1st place, 19 for 2nd place & so on down to 1 point for 20th place.

In the event of a tie, points covering the positions in question will be added together & divided equally between the anglers concerned. E.g. If 3 anglers tie for 1st place then 20,19&18 points are added together & divided by 3, resulting in each angler being awarded with 19 points.

Exceptions to the above rule will be if one of the anglers has more fish than the others. In this case, that angler will be awarded the highest number of points.    

At the end of all qualifying legs, the top 20 anglers who have accrued the most number of points, will go forward to fish for the Seamaster title, which will be held in conjunction with the Barry Angling Festival. This will be fished in the autumn of the same year & will carry Seamaster points for the forthcoming season.


Garry Evans Seamaster Leg Sizes Limit & Rules.  
 Seamaster legs will be generally be fished to WFSA or East Region size limits rules. Clubs may organise events to different size limits & include any additional rules of their choosing. Details of WFSA size limits can be found on the WFSA web site. Additional sizes limits that vary from the WFSA sizes introduced by the ER WFSA can be found in Appendix 3 & on the fish card found in appendix 5.

Garry Evans Seamaster Final / Barry Angling Festival Competition Details:

Venue:  Cold Knap, Porthkerry & Fontagary.

Date:     September /October, actual date to be decided upon by the ER WFSA 12 months in advance.

Competition limits      Cold Knap Point Slipway (East) to Steps at Fontagary (West).

Entry fee:     £10.00 for adults.
                      Free for juniors.
The ER WFSA will review entry fees annually.

Optional two £1.00 pools will be in operation for heaviest bag and heaviest pouting.

NOTE:  Juniors will fish free for a separate prize list. Juniors will be allowed to fish in the main competition if a parent or guardian gives permission. FULL ENTRY WILL BE PAYABLE & THE JUNIOR WILL FISH TO THE SAME SIZE LIMITS AS THE SENIORS. UNDER SIZE FISH CAN BE WEIGHED AND BE ELIGIBLE TO TAKE THE JUNIOR PRIZE.

Booking in arrangements: Pre-booking will be at tackle shops that have donated prizes on the Saturday before the event. On the day booking in will be at the car park at THE CWM CIDDY & will finish hour before the start of the competition.

Fishing times:  Either side of low water, times depending on tide on the day.

Presentation venue: Rhoose Social Club

Prize structure for GARRY EVANS Seamaster Finalists & Festival; Winners:

  1. In recognition of the top 3 anglers accumulating the most points throughout the qualifying legs, Cash prizes will be awarded to the 1st    2ND  & 3rd placing. In the event of a tie, monies will be shared on the same principle as previously stated with the point’s allocation. Funding of these prizes will be from Seamaster leg registration fee of £25 per club. There are at present 7 clubs/organisations who are obliged to pay this fee. Which is payable to the ER WFSA at the time of application to run the event. One charity event per year is exempt from paying this fee.
  2. Resulting from the outcome of the Final held in conjunction with the Barry Angling Festival. The qualifier with the heaviest bag of fish will be declared the Garry Evans Seamaster Champion & will receive £250 Tackle Voucher plus the coveted Garry Evans Seamaster Trophy & Replica. Second & third places will receive £150 & £100 tackle voucher respectively. In the event of no finalist catching fish, the angler with the most points at the end of the qualifying legs will be declared the Garry Evans Seamaster Champion. The same principles will apply to second & third places.
  3. The Top Twenty anglers weighing in at the Barry Angling Festival will be awarded prizes. The first and 2nd prizes will be NOMINATED. The remaining prizes will be given on a TAKE YOUR PICK BASIS.


East Region WFSA Responsibilities;

  1. To vet & approve all applications for Garry Evans Seamaster legs. Ensuring dates are not duplicated & do not clash with other National Events. In the event of two clubs/organisations applying for the same date, attempts will be made to solve the clash of dates with organisers concerned. If a compromise cannot be agreed the club/organisation who applied for the date first will be awarded the Seamaster leg. ON NO ACCOUNT WILL TWO LEGS BE HELD ON THE SAME DATE.  
  2. Arrange & organise all aspects of the Garry Evans Seamaster / Barry Angling Festival. This includes setting the competition date, compiling & distribution of the poster, organising booking in facilities, officiating at the weigh in & presentation, ensuring adequate stewarding of the competition & notifying the necessary Local Authority.
  3. Ensure that the relevant insurance is available on a 3rd party insurance liability basis.
  4. Produce a balance of accounts & match report to be presented to Garry Evans
  5. Guarantee the first prize regardless of entry for the Barry Angling Festival.


Club Responsibilities:     

  1. Ensure the smooth running of all aspects of the event, in compliance with the application & competition rules.
  2. Publish posters and distribute according, including local and national media. Ensure that the leg document on the poster as a Garry Evans Fishing Tackle Seamaster qualifier.
  3. Provide details of the top twenty anglers from each event & forward to South Wales Echo Correspondent Mr Ron Cousins & East Region Shore Secretary Steve Chadwick. To enable them to update & publish results throughput the series of qualifying legs. See Appendix 4 for information required.
  4. Guarantee the first prizes and at least 9 other prizes, with a separate table of 3 prizes for juniors.


Compiled by Steve Chadwick on behalf of the East Region WFSA & Garry Evans Fishing Tackle.

Dated 6th March 2018