Garry Evans

Seamaster Information


NAME & CLUB L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L9 L10 TL PTS
ANDREW HUTCHINGS  GEMT 20   15               35
DANIEL CRUMP HOLTON ROAD ANGLING 15   18               33
BEN DAVIES  TEAM VALE 16   14               30
CHRIS JENKINS TEAM SUKMA 14   12               26
RORY JENKINS  PMS 19   4               23
ADAM FARMER  PENARTH     20               20
DESLEY JOHN  N/C   20                 20
BARRY OWEN  GWENT     19               19
WILLIAM DAVIES  N/C   19                 19
SIMON REYNOLDS  N/C   18                 18
WAYNE TAYPOR  SEAVIEW LADS 18                   18
CHRIS READ  GEMT     17               17
STEVE PHILLIPS  N/C    17                 17
STEVE TUCKER  N/C 17                   17
NIGEL PUTBRACE  N/C     16               16
DARREN GRIFFITHS  N/C   16                 16
ROY TAPPER  SWMT   15                 15
ANDREW WITHEY  TEAM SAKUMA 2 3 9               14
CAI REES  SWANSEA   14                 14
JOE ARCH  SWMT     13               13
PETER EVANS  SWANSEA   13                 13
IAN JONES PENYGRAIG  SAC 13                   13
J.GALLIVAN  SEAVIEW LADS, 12                   12
SHANE REES  JNR  N/C   11.5                 11.5
GARETH CARPENTRER  JNR N/C   11.5                 11.5
PHIL GEORGE  GEMT     11               11
LEE JONES  HOLTON ROAD 11                   11
CRAIG MADDOX  GWENT     10               10
BARRY JOHNSON  N/C   10                 10
MIKE MATHER  GWENT 10                   10
JASAN WHITEHOUSE  N/C   9                 9
CHRIS STEPHENS ROCK HOPPERS 9                   9
KARL THOMSON  N/C     8               8
LEE NORRIS  N/C 8                   8
MARK HARRISON  JNR  N/C   7.5                 7.5
CARL CAMPION  JNR  N/C   7.5                 7.5
CHRIS EQUALL  SWMM     7               7
MIKE LANGFORD  SEA VIEW LADS 7                   7
JUSTIN BIRD  GWENT     6               6
STEVE SMYTH  GEMT 5   1               6
JOHN GRIFFITHS RVSAC   6                 6
RICHARD POOLE  GWENT     5               5
LEVI DRAPER  JNR N/C   5                 5
ANDREW WILCOX  N/C   4                 4
DAVE WEST  DOW CORNING 4                   4
DAI DAVIES SWANSEA     3               3
STEVE ROBERTS  SWMT 3                   3
RICHARD HOPKINS  N/C     2               2
TOM DREW  N/C   2                 2
ALAN PRICE  N/C   1                 1
DAVE HARDING  N/C 1                   1


Garry Evans Seamaster Legs Dates 2017

Contact Steve Chadwick 02920794954.






Gwent SAC

9th April

St Brides



County Stores

30th April

Llantwit Major



Newport SAC

14th May

St Brides



Smooth Hound Festival

6th August



County Stores

20th August

Llantwit Major



3rd  September



Barry Festival/Garry Evans Seamaster Final

8th October

Cold Knap & Porthkerry


Welsh Flounder Championships

29th October

Lougher Estuary


Penarth SAC

12th November



East Region WFSA  Open            

10th  December

Cardiff Foreshore


East Region Shore League Venues & Dates 2017.

Additional Penn League qualifier of interest.(not Seamaster Qualifier Leg)

AnyfishAnywhere Pegged Match

29/30th September






Barry Angling Festival top 5.

(30th anniversary).

1st was Quantity Surveyor Andrew Hutchings from Cardiff who fishes from the Garry Evans Match Team He was fishing at Rhoose Point with 8.55 kilos made up from 2 conger eels and a dog fish. One of the  eels was 6.39 kilos (see photo 1 and 3 attached ). Andrew won £500 cash plus £118 pool for the heaviest bag of fish.

2nd was Construction Manger Rory Jenkins from Tonyrefail who fishes for Team Sakuma. Rory was fishing at Cold Knap Point ( alongside me ). He weighed in 7.20 kilos consisting of 3 conger eels and a dog fish. He picked up £250.

3rd was rigger Wayne Talyor from Barry fishing of Seaview Lads. Wayne weighed in 6.53 kilos consisting of 4 conger eels and a pouting. He won a Anyfish Anywhere beach caster donated by Julian Shambrook.

4th was Steve Tucker from Swansea with 5.69 kilos consisting of a conger eel, pouting and a rockling. He won a Bob Radman Head Lamp.

5th was Ben Davies from Barry with 5.44 kilos made up of a conger eel and a poor cod. He won a continental Shakespeare beach caster.

The remaining top twenty are contained in the attached Seamaster points document.

The Junior winner was 12 year old Owen Harding who attends Stanwell Road school in Penarth. He weighed in a potting for 0.35 kilos. Owen won  a beach caster a fixed spool reel donated by Mike Miles Penarth Road Angling Supplies.

The best pouting pool was won by Mike Langford from Barry with a fish of 0.4 kilos. He won £116.

Garry Evans Seamaster final result 2015/16.

1st was Andrew Hutchings, this is the second time he has won the title. He picked up a £250 Tackle Voucher.

2nd was Chris Jenkins fishing for Team Sakuma with 4.4 kilos consisting of 3 dog fish and a conger eel. He won a £150 Tackle Voucher.

3rd was Steve Smyth fishing for the Garry Evans Match team with 2.97 kilos consisting of 2 pouting and a conger. He won a £100 Tackle Voucher.

left to right, Chris Jenkins, Garry Evans, Andrew Hutchings and Steve Smyth.

A big thank you to Garry Evans Fishing Tackle for donating the above tackle vouchers. And to Andrew Hawksley  who works for Garry Evans for helping to obtain the items in the main prize list.

Also to all the other sponsors who have supported the event over the years