• Acceptance of the rules is compulsory on entry.
  • All events run by the East Region WFSA will be fished to WFSA size limits with the exception of the flowing.


         1.Spotted Ray 30cm wing tip to wing tip.  2. All other Ray’s 45cm wing tip to wing tip.
3. Flounder 25 cm. 4.Whiting 27cm. 5.Pouting 18cm. 6.Poor Cod 18cm. 7. Bull Huss 45cm.
Other Club open competitions may fish to other sizes limits but not if they use the Garry Evans Fish cards supplied by the East region WFSA.

  • The organising officials reserve the right to inspect all tackle boxes & containers of participants. Refusal of the inspection will result in automatic disqualification form the competition.
  • All fishing lines will be out of the water 15 minutes prior to the start of the competition.
  • Any in size fish caught before the start of the competition must return to the water. Fish caught to be used as bait, (not silver eels and bass) must be de-tailed prior to the start of the match. In size fish caught during the match with the exception of silver eels and bass may also be used as bait as long as they are de-tailed after being weighed.
  • The minimum distance between anglers must be 5 metres, unless by mutual agreement of all interested parties to fish in closer proximity. Fishing in front or directly behind a fellow competitor is strictly forbidden.
  • IN THE INTEREST OF SAFETY, it is recommended that casting styles of all competitors be undertaken in a manner, which respects the HEATH & SAFTEY of fellow anglers in close proximity. The use of shock leader is COMPLUSORY where the breaking strain of which should be more than adequate to handle the size of the lead weight being cast. As a guide, it is generally accepted that the shock leader used should be ten times the strength of the weight use. E.g. if the lead used is 5 ozs, and then the shock leader should be a minimum of 50lb breaking strain. All competitors have the right to question the style of casting of another competitor with the nearest available steward. If the style being used is considered to be dangerous, then that competitor will be warned. A second warning could cause disqualification.
  • Except in roving competitions, once a competitor has started to fish, the only movement permitted is up or down the beach, unless it is necessary to move along the beach to land a fish or un-tangle crossed lines. Any movement along the beach to cast is not allowed if by doing so another competitor is passed.
  • The practise of two competitors sharing one rod stand is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • All “in size” fish caught will be reported to & booked in individually to the nearest steward at the earliest practicable time, where the species & approximate length will be recorded on the competitors match card.
  • Fish when landed, must be kept completely separate from those caught by other competitors or companions. This includes rock pools or any form of holding apparatus.  
  • The practise of an angler placing more than one rod stand at different locations on the beach thus reserving two fishing positions for him/her self is strictly prohibited putting more then one rod stand a spare rod stand by a competitor for him/her self to reserve what would be a legitimate available fishing space is strictly forbidden. Should a competitor be found guilty of this practise, disqualification from the event along with forfeit of entry fee will be automatic. Provision can be made to reserve a space for an organising official of the event.    
  • Any competitor found guilty of cheating may be subject to a life ban from all events held under the auspices of the WFSA & may face exposure to fellow angling organisations & the media.
  • Cars will be parked only in the areas designated for that purpose; this applies in particular to competitions fished at Cardiff Foreshore & Rhoose point.
  • For competitions held on Cardiff Foreshore. Any competitor gaining access by car to Port     
  • Authority property before the agreed access time will be disqualified. Entrance fees to the   
  • Competition will be forfeited. *
  • Leaving of litter on the beach: A new rule was voted in at the 2018 East Region WFSA AGM meeting as follows:

                  Any angler reported via the rules violation procedure for leaving litter on the beach will

  • be fined £20 and issued a yellow card. A second offence in the series will result in a ban from the remaining legs. The leaving of plastic of any description, glass bottles and tin cans etc etc on the beach is now banned in all Garry Evans Seamaster matches. Any left over bait that is not likely to be engulfed by the incoming tide should be thrown into the sea.

Note: £20 fines will be paid into the general East Region WFSA bank account and shown has litter fines on the annul balance of account audit.

  • *Rule introduced due to implications to insurance cover, if anyone is on Port Authority property


Should any competitor feel justified to make a complaint against any one or more fellow competitors regarding contravention of the rules, cheating or leaving of litter. This must be submitted in writing & handed to any official prior to the closing of the scales at the official weigh in. See Appendix 6.
Litter violation: Any angler reported via the rules violation procedure for leaving litter on the beach will
be fined £20 and issued a yellow card. A second offence in the series will result in a ban from the remaining legs.

Rule Violation: Will result in disqualification from the match and a yellow card. Second offence ban from all remaining legs in the series.