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A win for Boat Team Wales

From left to right - Robbie Roberts, John Llewelyn, Phil Clarke, Mark (Taffy) East - Team RAF / Wales, Dewi Roberts, Chris Hamblin, Arthur Beechey and Roy Jones


As we had a very late with drawl our team only consisted of 7 anglers, thankfully Team RAF and Scotland were gracious and dropped their lowest score to even matters. The main specie was Dogfish, Bull Huss and Whiting along with Codling, Coalfish, Dab, Pollack and Thornback Rays.

From the attached results you will see we took Day 1, Scotland won Day 2 and the overall results after 2 days of fishing  - 1st Team Wales - 1191%, 2nd Team Scotland - 1165%, 3rd Team RAF. There are a few errors with Welsh anglers names - Roy Jones (not Evans), Dewi Roberts.

Thanks go to the 3 skippers - Gethyn (My Way), Gareth (Spin Drift) and Toby (?), also Malcolm and Nicky of ABC - Beaumaris as our bait suppliers and Darren Rose for organising / collating the results for the event.






Home Internationals Holyhead 2012

Jonathan Law Reflects.

Well, What can I say except that a lot of preparation and hard work went into these championships. Special Thanks must Go to Our Manager, the Skippers and the Stewards who gave up their precious time, thank you.

The Team , it was a complete pleasure to fish with and from a personal point of view it was thrilling to see that every single member came together with valuable input, assistance,support and experience, with one mission in mind. As far as teams go and bear in mind this should always be the case, everything ran clockwork and every one gave 100%.

The Fishing, sadly Holyhead was unable to show its full repertoire and the match was run as two hours on anchor in Church bay, followed by two hours again on anchor on the Mussel beds for both days. From my humble experience there, I can say that maintaining a high catch rate was surprisingly difficult for those tides, the fish were a little shy lol ... The Whiting fishing was not as consistent as it has been but the reason for that soon became apparent when the first Spurdog was caught followed by the no longer mysterious bite offs ! Yes Spurs in the bay !!! I'd certainly never seen that before lol.

So the fishing was hard, even the Dogfish were hard to please, fortunately the hard work on tactics and rig selection paid off and at the end of the first day we were in a pretty commanding position, with a good percentage lead and two boat winners out of three. The third boat win being taken by the Irish ... Or should I say their exceptional Irishman, The fella could certainly fish a bit ! :)

Going into day two, we just had to maintain our form and fish hard. Of course we did,no bottlers here lol :) and it was nice to see that we again had two boat wins .... that Irishman again doing the business again on the other boat lol but even he couldn't spoil the party with all of us putting in good percentages.

I only managed a brief look at the final results but it made impressive reading, with a very high total score for Team Wales :) The Irish team (great bunch of lads ), we were really pleased to see them, come in Silver medal position :) .... The English some how managed to sneak into third and the surprising Scots result, 4th a bit of a shock !!! I personally put that down to them spending too much time playing with their electric blenders and stockings on the boat ....... I kid you not !!! lololol :)

To sum up. An excellent result for the whole of Wales, its been a difficult time recently for lots of reasons and if I can speak for the team, I think I can ... We did this thing mainly, For Welsh boat match anglings, greatest asset and friend .. Rob Roberts our Manager, who it would be fair to say has had an awful couple of years on a personal level and as always, wishing him and his family all the best into the future ... (This ones for you Robbie :)

Lastly, I really hope we can use this as a point in time to work from towards a successful future, for both our teams and for Welsh boat match fishing in general ... I believe we have the quality here and the potential to become feared as a nation, in competition ... by every one .. not just the Italians ha ha :)

I'm going to have the WFSA North region Match league information available to you before the end of July. Will be good to keep every ones hand in over the winter months (Nov-March) and also a great opportunity to hopefully bring some new blood onto the match circuit :)

At squad level, in these difficult financial times, any help stroke sponsorship for the nationals teams is invaluable. So if any one knows of any person or organisation, retailer, etc who would be interested in helping the squad in any way, please let some one know ????? Approaches will then be made officially by our manager :) We do already have some good leads ;) and for the future I'm proposing that all Sponsors receive a framed Photo of the Squad, a team polo shirt and a 6 monthly news letter and report, keeping them in 'the loop' for a mutually satisfying and rewarding future.



National Qualifiers

All legs will be out of Holyhead and the first weekend will be on June 9th / 10th and the second will take place over June 23rd / 24th.  The anglers winning through to squad positions will represent Wales at the following events - Home International / Scotland – venue unknown, World Championships – Setubal / Portugal.

Home Internationals – Holyhead   July 4th – 8th

Well with time flying by and the Home International only weeks away it’s a matter of putting the final arrangements into place.
As hosts we are looking forward to welcoming the visiting nations, but an special warm welcome awaits for Ray Ashby and Pat Walsh (England and Ireland Managers respectively), as they will be standing down after many loyal years of service. We have built up a true and lasting friendship over the years, something I truly value and will have many, many fond memories to look back on.
We have had 2 extra practice sessions already and have another 2 to come prior to the main event, coupled with 2 qualifying weekends – that will count for nothing if we don’t perform to our maximum on the competition days!
Thanks go to Gethyn Owen for all his support and assistance up to this point and will continue until the closure of the event proper, nice to have reliable people around at times like this.

World Championships – La Rochelle / France

Not receiving a copy of the official booklet caused problems (that’s another story), so final arrangements and squad confirmation has been delayed slightly. Unfortunately we should have submitted the paperwork and payment by May 15th – so I have just sent an e-mail to the FFPM saying they will have everything before the end of the month – hopefully we will still be allowed to compete!