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11lb Blonde from the Barry area.

Possible boat new Welsh Record Tope 38kg 981grms

Captor was David Cook, Cardigan Bay out of Pwllheli

WFSA Colin Doyle with his first Smoothy of 2015





300 Pounder

The Porbeagle shark - a relation to the deadly Great White - took his mackerel bait after friend Martin Bowler persuaded him to try shark fishing for a change.
George, from Hereford, said: "I am not a sea fisherman as I have suffered from sea sickness all my life.
"On the last trip I went on 20 years ago the boat hadn't cleared the breakwater before I was sick.
"When I got back I gave my rods to a boy on the quay and said I would never go to sea again.
"Martin was recently telling me about shark fishing which I had always wanted to do and I just thought if I don't try it now I never will.
"Martin stood on top of the cabin and he saw the shark on the surface and said it was a big one.
"After an hour and 45 minutes and with every muscle in my body aching I brought it to the side of the boat and the three others opened the side door and lifted it on board.
"Part of me wished the hook would pop out so that it would be over."
George was photographed with his catch before he returned it to the water.
He added: "Luckily the pills worked and the water wasn't that rough."
Martin, a professional fisherman who organising shark fishing trips, said: "I don't think there has ever been a bigger shark caught in Welsh waters.
"It took four of us to lift it onto the boat.





A sample of the Smoothounds caught at the SWSA match at Aberthaw


Norton Jenkins, 2 Doggies 1 hook

Dave Holbrow 20lb Blonde





Domonic Patch with a 9lb Huss from a West Wales mark.

John Austin with a 11lb 10oz Bullhuss from a West Wales rock mark.




A brand new Welsh Record

Fishing off the Milford Haven coast, aboard Andrew Alsop`s Whitewater, Canterbury angler Andy Griffith,experienced the trip of a lifetime, culminating with the first ever Mako shark boated in Welsh waters.
The red letter day saw him boat 11 Sharks, including the “Grand Slam” of 3 Sharks over 100lb in a day. 120lb Blue Shark, 119.7 lb. Porbeagle Shark ,and the 194 Lb Mako
"The Mako took the bait closest to the boat, and the next thing everyone saw was the shark leaping 15ft in the air about 20ft off the back of boat. At that point it became clear it was a Mako
After several searing runs and a heart stopping 40 minutes fight the Mako was at the side of the boat, and brought aboard .The fish was released safely, and swam away strongly .It was an instant Welsh record, thanks to the WFSA willingness to accept accurate measurements to calculate the weight, rather than killing the shark to weigh it on land.


Bob Radman 3.3kg Bass

Mike Dixon 4.43kg Thornback Ray





235lb Porbeagle caught from White Water II by Andy Griffith









Mike Liddell 14lb Small Eyed, Ogmore


Jonathan Koh, 1st ever Smoothy from the shore.

( It always makes the first a bit special )

9lb 8oz was the weight.






Cracking session at Ogmore, 11Rays and 9 Dogfish between us the biggest Rays were 3kg and 2.2kg


Simon Clargo 20lb 8oz Conger from Boverton



Norton Jenkins 3.72kg Small Eyed

Norton Jenkins 3.5kg Small Eyed Ray







Nice Flounder from Swansea Marina, Steve Gregory

Eleanor Duncalf proudly showing a 3lb cod which she caught from her father`s boat in the Conwy estuary on Saturday 29th September, both members of Llandudno Small Boat S.A.C.








Cracking Ling from Steve Gregory and Mario Asprou

Harry and Mario Asprou (age 14) from Barry, Harry,(right) with the biggest Blue just over 130lb!





Steve Gregory 2lb Golden Grey





Steve Gregory 12lb Smoothy

Mike Dixon 11lb 6oz Smoothy

Claire Hall Neyland SAC SS Sea Scorpion 0.340kg


Steve Chadwick 3.55kg Bass

Simon Baty with a Spurdog of 8.850kg

Not a million miles away from the Welsh Record.


Norton Jenkins 5lb 9oz Small Eyed, Ogmore









Martin Thompson Bass 6lb from Pendine



Norton Jenkins 3lb 6oz Bass

Dave Evans 34lb 6oz Cod

Chris Batt with a Dover Sole 1.700KG







Charlie Smith 13lb 12oz Small Eyed Ray, Ogmore



WFSA Chairman, John O Connor 5kg Pollack