"The Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers"  

It is run by Sea Anglers for Sea Anglers

Who else is there to look after your interest's ? Can you afford not to take advantage of what the WFSA can offer you as a sea angler whether it be as an Affiliated Club member, or a Personal Member anywhere in the UK.

As an affiliated club member or Pesonal Member you get £10,000,000 third party liability cover every time you go fishing it’s a real bargain.

With the UK going the way of other countries regarding claiming whenever you can against another it really does make sense to cover yourself against all eventualities. 

We have all seen the accident chasers on every corner plying for trade, so don’t get caught out, get yourself covered.

WFSA offers Senior membership from as little as £10 with £10.000.000 insurance cover,

HALF the price TWICE the cover of Angling Trust, and they do NOT represent Welsh Sea Anglers or have a voice on behalf of any Welsh Angler

Find out what the WFSA is governed by

How to join us at the Welsh Fed also Personal Membership

A list of Affiliated Clubs

Fishing information, events and results

How to claim Record and Monthly Award information

Need to contact a member of the Committee

Find out about all our National Teams

All the information obout Welsh Records and Minimum sizes

What the WFSA has to offer you the angler

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The next WFSA meeting will take place on the 12th January at 10 30 am at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre. Elan Valley. Rhayader, Powys. LD6 5HP


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